Commercial Boiler Servicing London

Just like a domestic property, commercial properties often rely on a boiler for heating and hot water. Some businesses would simply not be able to function without a working boiler! If you're responsible for a commercial property with a boiler, take sensible precautions and have your boiler serviced.
Commercial Boiler Servicing London
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Commercial boiler maintenance service.

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What are my responsibilities as a commercial property manager?

If you manage a commercial premises, or run a bricks and mortar business, you in effect have a duty of care to customers and employees. This includes making sure they have access to hot water and adequate heating. You might find it hard to meet these requirements if your boiler breaks down! That’s why it’s so important to ensure your boiler is properly maintained, and is guarded against becoming faulty or breaking down. A boiler servicing can ensure that your boiler is in good working condition, and unlikely to fail you.

How can I spot problems with a boiler?

There are a number of ways to tell if a boiler is starting to fail. The most obvious is a lack of hot water or central heating, something which can be very problematic for businesses, costing time and money to resolve. However, you can also check the health of your boiler by looking at the colour of its flame. If the flame is blue, that’s a good sign. However, if it’s yellow or orange, you should get your boiler serviced as there may be an issue with it.

Choose the best boiler service in London

At Certify My property, we pride ourselves on our superb levels of customer service, and, in particular, our excellent turnaround time and fantastic team of engineers. We are committed to having your boiler serviced within three hours of a request, meaning there will be minimal disruption to your business or commercial premises. We appreciate that businesses like certainty and clear time frames. All of our engineers are highly professional, tried and tested, and are fully qualified to service and repair boilers, with years of experience.