Electrical Certificates London

If you're responsible for a commercial premises, you'll need to ensure that the electrical installation has been properly tested, and is safe for employees and customers alike. We offer a fast commercial electrical testing service, with the finest customer service in the capital.
Electrical Certificates London
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Electrical testing and Inspection services.

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What are my responsibilities as a commercial property owner?

If you’re responsible for a commercial property, whether it is a restaurant, office or high street shop, you need to make sure that the premises are safe. With regards to electrical safety, this means having periodical inspections and testing of your electrical installation. This should be carried out at least every five years to ensure an adequate level of protection from deteriorating electrical equipment.

How does commercial electrical testing work?

A professional testing of a your property’s electrical installation will ensure that it meets UK legal requirements. For instance, the test we carry out will alert us to whether electrical equipment or circuits are overloaded. We’ll also look for potential electric shock risks and fire hazards, and make sure there isn’t a lack of earthing or bonding, which can be dangerous.

Choose the best commercial electrical testing service.

If you need electrical testing carried out, we can help. Our brilliant, experienced engineers have years in the industry, and know exactly what they’re looking for when carrying out tests of electrical installations and equipment. They’ll walk you through everything they do, and explain how to best continue to keep the property safe. We offer a truly great customer service, with a three hour turnaround time, and we will even give you a call an hour before we arrive. Finally, all of our engineers have been tried and tested, so you know you’ll be dealing with someone you can trust.