Emergency Lighting Certificates London

Emergency lights are a really important part of modern health and safety in public and private buildings. They're used in cinemas, offices, stores and just about everywhere else, and making sure that they function properly is crucial.
Emergency Lighting Certificates London
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Emergency lighting Testing and Inspection.

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Why are emergency lights so important?

Typically, emergency lighting is used to illuminate the exit routes people will need to take in an emergency, enabling people to get away from danger quickly and safely. Emergency lights are special: they are used because they still work even if there is a loss of power. They will even work if there is a fire, so people can easily see where they need to go. It’s easy to see how emergency lights that aren’t functioning properly could contribute to an already bad situation becoming far worse.

What do I need to do to ensure my emergency lighting works?

Emergency light testing should be carried out periodically, and by qualified professionals. When the engineer is happy that your emergency lighting is up to scratch, you will receive an emergency lighting certificate. Emergency light testing isn’t just important; it’s also a requirement under UK law. If you’re responsible for a commercial or public building, whether it might be a school or a business office, you must make sure the building’s emergency lighting is fully functional. Failure to do so could even result in prosecution.

Choose the best emergency lighting certificate service in London

Emergency lighting testing can be a life saver; and so can our emergency lighting certificate service. Our engineers are experienced professionals, with years of working in the industry, and all engineers who work for us have been tried and tested. When at your property to test your emergency lighting, they’ll politely talk you through each step of the process, and give you further information on maintaining your emergency lighting. With a three hour turnaround time, and a call an hour before the engineer arrives, we’re convinced that our service won’t be beaten.