Fire Alarm Installation London

Everyone knows that a fire alarm can save lives. If you need a fire alarm installed – or serviced – in London or the southeast, we can help.
Fire Alarm Installation London
Fire Alarm Installation
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Why get a fire alarm?

Fire alarms are such an important part of modern safety. Every household, business and public building needs an effective fire alarm system to help keep people and property safe. Those frequent fire drills at work might be a bit annoying and inconvenient, but they’re certainly important. A fire alarm will alert anyone within or near a building when there is a fire, so it should be obvious why it’s such a crucial safety feature!

What does the law say about fire alarm installations?

Fire safety legislation in the UK gives clear guidance on what is required in terms of fire alarm systems. The majority of businesses are required to have a functional, fit-for-purpose fire alarm system to ensure the safety of employees, customers and the public. Only the smallest, simplest businesses are not required to have a comprehensive fire alarm system in place. Because the consequences of not having a fire alarm can be so dreadful, not complying with these regulations is a serious offence that could lead to a hefty fine, or even imprisonment.

What type of fire alarm system do I need?

There are different types of fire alarm installations, and the one that you need will depend on your circumstances, including the type of business and type of building you have. When you speak to us, we can give you honest, expert advice from experienced professionals on which fire alarm system is the right one for you.

Conventional fire alarm system

This is the traditional system, and is still widely used thanks to its reliability and low installation cost. A conventional system won’t be able to tell you exactly where the fire is located, but a well-wired system can divide your premises into zones to help you identify where is safe, and where is dangerous in the event of a fire. It is probably best suited to small businesses, and those operating out of small, simple premises.

Wireless fire alarm system

Wireless systems have a big advantage over conventional systems. They don’t require any cables, and installation is much cleaner and easier, with no mess, no drilling and less time spent inconveniencing you! Wireless systems are quickly becoming the most popular option for fire alarm installations, not just because they are easy to install, but also because they look neater and more discrete. If you operate a restaurant or high end shop, a wireless fire alarm system will definitely be a better option.

Addressable fire alarm systems

An addressable system is more sophisticated than a conventional system. It’s name comes from the fact that each device connected to the system has its own address, enabling you to identify where exactly a fire starts. This can be a huge help if it allows you to locate a fire and put it out quickly before it becomes more dangerous. While addressable systems are a little more expensive, they are more effective than conventional systems, and can save you money in the long term. They are much more suitable for large or complex buildings.

Our fire alarm installation service

At Certify My Property, our installation service is fast and effective. Our professional team have years of experience in installing fire alarm systems of all varieties, and we’ll always take your specific needs and budget into account when advising you on the system that’s right for you. We’re committed to delivering a friendly and speedy service, and making sure you’re left with a great fire alarm system that won’t let you down if you ever need it.

Fire alarm servicing

As well as fire alarm system installations, we also offer fire alarm servicing in London and the southeast. We can carry out a comprehensive check of your fire alarm system, and carry out any repairs, upgrades or changes that are required to make sure your system is as effective as possible. Just as with fire alarm installation, we’ll make sure our work causes as little disruption as possible. Just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

Do you need a fire alarm installation? Make sure you’re kept safe and alerted in case of a fire, with a fire alarm system that’s right for you.