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Carrying out regular fire risk assessments is an important way to ensure a building is safe and meets legal requirements. If you're in need of an expert eye, we can offer a comprehensive fire risk assessment service in London and the southeast.
Fire Risk Assessments London
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Why is a fire risk assessment important?

It goes without saying that a fire can be devastating, ruining lives, businesses and assets. That’s why it’s so important to do everything possible to prevent a fire from breaking out in the first place. A fire risk assessment is designed to highlight any areas in which a given property is vulnerable to a fire. This will help ensure that your building, and anyone who might be living or working in it, is as safe as possible.

What are the legal requirements for fire risk assessments?

Since 2006, it has been a legal requirement in the UK for the ‘responsible person’ (or RP) of any non-domestic property to carry out a fire risk assessment. In instances where there are 5 or more employees, a record must also be kept of any findings and actions taken. For obvious reasons, not taking fire risks seriously is an offence, and failure to comply with the law surrounding fire risk assessments could lead to a fine, or even imprisonment.

Do I need a fire risk assessment?

All of the following are legally obliged to carry out a fire risk assessment:

  • HMO Properties
  • Employers and self-employed individuals with a business premises
  • A landlord of a property used as a business premises
  • A landlord of a multiple-occupancy household
  • Hotels, hostels and other premises providing accommodation
  • Churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious premises
  • Schools, colleges, universities and nurseries
  • Hospitals, care homes and other medical facilities
  • Premises open to the public, such as museums or cinemas

There are other types of property that might require a fire risk assessment. If you are responsible for any building that employees or members of the public have access to, there is a good chance you’ll need a fire risk assessment! If you’re unsure at all, just get in touch and we can give you expert advice and information.

What does a fire risk assessment involve?

Under the law, a fire risk assessment can be carried out by the RP. However, it is always better – and safer – to have a thorough assessment carried out by professionals instead. Our fire risk assessment service covers London and the southeast, and is competitively priced; safety shouldn’t have to break the bank! Our assessment will be carried out on site, after which you will receive a report with all the information you need to ensure your property is not at risk.

What will be included in my fire risk assessment report?

The report we produce after the assessment has been carried out will detail any risks that were found at the premises. This could include anything from flammable objects to escape routes. The report will include photos to demonstrate the points being made, as well as action points that can be completed to improve safety. Any issues that arise will be given a risk rating so that you understand what should be prioritised. The report will show to any authorities that the premises has been comprehensively assessed, and the RP can sign off the report once all recommendations have been carried out.

Is a revisit required?

Once you’ve received your fire risk assessment report, a revisit is not required: it is up to the RP to make sure the recommendations are followed, and any advice for the future is taken on board. However, depending on the level of risk highlighted in the report, it is sensible to have regular fire risk assessments reviewed regularly, perhaps once every 1 or 2 years. This will not only give you peace of mind that your property is safe and that you’re operating within the law, it will also satisfy your insurance provider!

Do you need a fire risk assessment? Make sure your business and employees are safe today: book and we’ll carry out a professional, expert assessment, complete with an easy-to-understand report, and clear action points.

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