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Every household in the country now has a wide variety of electrical appliances. In fact, it's easy to forget that electricity can be quite dangerous, especially is appliances are faulty. Make use of our excellent PAT testing service to ensure your household is safe from harm.
PAT Testing London
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PAT testing service.

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What does PAT testing mean?

The acronym PAT stands for ‘portable appliance testing’, and that’s exactly what it means: testing electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are in working order and safe to use. This can be necessary since appliances and technology will eventually start to become faulty with age – something that could take years, decades or centuries!

How does PAT testing work?

PAT testing can be carried out visually by a professional who knows what to look for, or via electrical testing. Remember, faulty electrical equipment can be very dangerous, so it’s important that PAT testing is carried out by a qualified professional. We always put safety first and foremost when testing electrical appliances, and will give you advice on what to do about devices and appliances that are found to be unsafe.

Do I need PAT testing?

It can be hard to say whether you need PAT testing, and the law does not stipulate how often it should be done – only that electrical appliances must be safe. If you have had an appliance for a long time, or suspect that it might not be working properly, it might be safest to call an engineer to carry out a test.

Choose the best PAT testing service.

With a three hour turnaround time, a phone call an hour before arrival and years of professional experience, we’re confident that we offer the best service in the capital. All of our excellent engineers are tried and tested, and know exactly what to look out for when testing your appliances. They’ll talk you through what they are doing as each stage so that you are better prepared to watch out for electrical faults in the future, helping to keep your property safe. It’s all part of our commitment to service.