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We provide all kinds of domestic and commercial safety certificates

We create custom 3D Virtual Tours which can be viewed by all of your customers of your clients from anywhere in the world at any time.
Carrying out regular fire risk assessments is an important way to ensure a building is safe and meets legal requirements. If you're in need of an expert eye, we can offer a comprehensive fire risk assessment service in London and the southeast.
Everyone knows that a fire alarm can save lives. If you need a fire alarm installed – or serviced – in London or the southeast, we can help.
Electrical safety is very important; each year in the UK there are thousands of injuries that are in some way a result of a faulty electrical installation. If you're a homeowner, you have a responsibility to ensure your property is safe: that's where domestic electrical testing comes in.
If you're a homeowner, it's absolutely vital to make sure your property is safe for those in residence. One important part of this responsibility is to ensure that your property's appliances are compliant with gas safety laws and regulations.
Energy performance can really have an impact on your day-to-day life. Increasingly it's becoming important to make sure your house is energy efficient, from rising costs to new regulations. Get in touch, and we'll arrange a domestic energy performance test.
If you're responsible for a commercial premises, you'll need to ensure that the electrical installation has been properly tested, and is safe for employees and customers alike. We offer a fast commercial electrical testing service, with the finest customer service in the capital.
If you are responsible for a commercial property, you have to ensure that the property is safe. One important part of this is ensuring that you have a Gas Safety Certificate, meaning that all gas appliances are in correct working order.
Energy performance can have a very real effect on the cost of running a property. If you run a business, you can make saving on your operating costs by making energy performance improvements. A Commercial Energy Performance Certificate will help you do just that.
It can be a nightmare if you're having issues with your boiler at home. Being left without hot water can make day-to-day living very uncomfortable, especially in the cold winter months. Thankfully, our domestic boiler maintenance service will ensure you're boiler is in business-as-usual condition.
Just like a domestic property, commercial properties often rely on a boiler for heating and hot water. Some businesses would simply not be able to function without a working boiler! If you're responsible for a commercial property with a boiler, take sensible precautions and have your boiler serviced.
Fire alarm systems form a vital part of the health and safety viability of many buildings in London. It's extremely important to make sure fire alarms are in proper working order. If you need a fire alarm certificate, don't hesitate to get in touch.